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The deployment of any IT infrastructure component without a focus on what activity is occurring in real time is no longer an adequate strategy for businesses. Every company depends on its IT infrastructure to provide the necessary resources to execute their standard business activities. Without monitoring and alerting, it is analogous to installing a physical lock at your office, then discovering it has been forcefully removed and not taking any action.

The issue that arises, is that clients are focused on their business, as they should be, instead of their IT Infrastructure. That is where the Managed Services offerings provided by RITAC saves clients time, money and aggravation. With award winning Cloud based Managed Services solutions, RITAC can proactively monitor and alert either support personnel or client contacts or both when an issue occurs. The majority of these alerts precede an actual outage situation, so downtime can be averted. Call for a free estimate of how managed service can relieve your IT headaches.

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